Join us

9 – 10 October, 2019, Intercontinental hotel Kyiv

We are delighted to announce the upcoming  Fifth Ukrainian Gas Forum.

What has started 5 years ago as a policy agora on the necessary reforms of the gas market is reaching its first jubilee year ! 

Back then, some of the issues we expected would be sorted out in the near term are still on the table today: the unbundling of the TSO, the handling of public service obligations, how to increase domestic gas production… At the same time, one big issue for the distant future at the time has become uncomfortably current: what will happen to the transit of Russian gas? what volumes and tariffs can Ukraine expect, and for how long ?

While we cannot promise you answers to these important questions, you can expect to hear speakers in the know to share their views and analysis. By October 2019, the new government will have taken office and policy for the gas sector orientations may already emerge; additional tripartite negotiations between Ukraine, Gazprom and the EU will have taken place; the daily balancing mechanism of gas volumes between the TSO and the distributors will have been tried and tested just as the country enters the heating season… 

Our partners from all  over the  world will come to the Forum  to help Ukrainian gas market  a little bit faster and more effectively  integrate into the European market and to achieve the highest standards while exploitation, production, transportation and  supply  of energy resources.

Energy security in region,  introduction of the  innovative technologies, satisfying the needs of all consumers, careful interaction  with environment, effective legislation – the challenges are too serious to remain on the sidelines!

We kindly invite each one of you to join our team for the successful conduct of the event.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email  with any questions, remarks, or offers of cooperation and sponsorship.