11th-12th October 2018

The Intercontinental Hotel
Kyiv, Ukraine


The Program of the Forum will focus on discussions that will give the space for communication for the audience: questions, comments and suggestions. Therefore the quality of the conference also requires the informed and inquisitive participants.

This year's planned special panel "Biogas. Biomethane."




900-930 Registration  
(Moderator – Chalyi O.)
930-940 Greetings from the Organizing Committee     
940-945   Preamble from the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities        Oksana Kryvenko
945-950   Greetings from Director of Energy Community Secretariat (tbc)     Janez Kopac
950-955   Greetings from EU Ambassador to Ukraine (tbc)      Hugues Mingarelli
955-1000   Greetings from  the representative of World Bank (tbc)    Fabrice K. Bertholet
1000-1010   Report from acting Chairman of Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety: Achievements and problems    Oleksandr Dombrovskyi
Panel І: Geopolitics of energy after Stockholm 
(Moderator – Korsunskyi S.)
1010-1025  1. Just a commercial matter? No way! Mirek Topolanek, Ex-Prime Minister of Czech Republic
1025-1040  2. US LNG exports, their impact on the natural gas supply balance in Eastern Europe Barry Worthington, United States Energy Association (USEA) (USA)
1040-1055  3. Energy geopolitics: does Ukraine have influence and power?    Sergiy Korsunskyi, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine (Ukraine)
1055-1110  4. Motivation of the Russian gas policy  Mikhail Krutykhin, RusEnergy (Russia)
1110-1125  5. Ukraine vs Russian "flows", non-sectoral contexts Mykhailo Gonchar, Centre for Global Studies «Strategy XXI» (Ukraine)
1125-1140  6. Nord Stream 2 and European energy security Matthew James Bryza, Lamor Turkey (Turkey)
1140-1150  DISCUSSION
1150-1220  COFFEE BREAK
Panel ІІ: General market issues 
(Moderator – Unigovskyi L.)
1220-1235  1. The economic foundation for the establishment of efficient natural gas market in Ukraine     Valeriy Geets, Institute of economics and forecasting (Ukraine)
1235-1250  2. The tendencies towards changes on the natural gas market of Ukraine.Regulator’s opinion. Tetyana Ryabukha (Kosyanchuk O.), NKREKP (Ukraine)
1250-1305  3. Daily balancing: influence on the development of the Ukrainian natural gas market and perspective for the creation of Eastern European gas hub   Andriy Myzovets, Association of Ukrainian gas traders (Ukraine)
1305-1320  4. The transformation of  gas enterprises into the service companies      Oleg Nikonorov, Regional Gas Company (Ukraine)
1320-1335  5. The differences between daily and monthly gas balancing     Karina Füzesy, IP Systems (Hungary)
1335-1350  6. The future of European gas market. The Quo Vadis project REKK (Hungary)( tbc)
1350-1405  7. The experience of European regulators in the opening of electricity and gas markets   Sergio Ascari S., Florence school of regulation (Italy)(tbc)
1405-1420  8. The related EU experience and practices, including the role of consumers for making residential markets work      Dr. Johannes Baur, Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine (Germany)
1420-1435  9. Central European gas fundamentals – a short term winter outlook for Ukraine’s neighboring markets Aura Sabadus, ICIS (Great Britain)
1435-1450  DISCUSSION
1450-1540  LUNCH
Panel ІІI: Competition to establish fair prices 
(Moderator – Haizmann J.)
1540-1555  1. The benefits for Ukraine of adopting EU standards in contracts, tariff structures, units and timesteps  Jan Haizmann, European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) (Belgium)
1555-1610  2. Regulated trading of energy products     Tymur Khromaev, National Securities and Stock Market Commission (Ukraine)
1610-1625  3. A roadmap to establishing Ukraine’s energy commodity exchange     Jayesh Parmar, Baringa Partners (Great Britain) (tbc)
1625-1640  4. Exchange trading of natural gas in Ukraine. Problems and perspectives   Oleksiy Dubovskiy, Ukrainian energy exchange (Ukraine)
1640-1650  DISCUSSION
1650-1710  COFFEE BREAK
Special Panel of Biogas and Biomethane 
(Moderator – Geletukha G.)
1710-1725  1. Propositions regarding new legislature on biogas and biomethane
Georgiy Geletukha, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (Ukraine)
1725-1740  2. Biomethane in France: the business model and the stakes Yves Brullé,GRTgaz (France)
1740-1755  3. Ukrainian biomethane to Europe - possibilities and challenges    
Attila Kovacs, European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR), European Biogas Association (EBA) (Hungary)
1755-1800  DISCUSSION
1800  COCKTAIL. 
The Sponsor of cocktail – ICIS.



Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes and amendments to this Program. 
We are grateful for your interest and  we invite you to attend the Fourth Ukrainian Gas Forum!

Organizing Committee 



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