09th-10th October 2019

The Intercontinental Hotel
Kyiv, Ukraine


The Program of the Forum will focus on discussions that will give the space for communication for the audience: questions, comments and suggestions. Therefore the quality of the conference also requires the informed and inquisitive participants.

Dear Friends and Partners,

We call your attention  to the provisional Program of the event and waiting for your  comments.

The final Program will be set up  based on your suggestions.

І. Geopolitics – the place of Ukraine on the global gas stage

1. Eastern European gas hub: four years on, what progress have we made?
2. Cooperation with Visegrad Group.

ІІ. 2020, the year of dizzying changes  for the Ukrainian GTS

1. The Ukrainian Gas Market Operator: does Ukraine need one? 
2. Thinking on the  international consortium for the management of the Ukrainian GTS. Realities and hopes.
3. Whether it’s necessary and how to prepare Ukrainian GTS for the functioning under the scenario of Russian gas zero transit.
4. Designing a competitive transit tariff policy to be attractive for the foreign partners and to save the volumes of transit.
5. Current state and  outlook for UGS. 
6. Long-delayed unbundling, what is happening?

ІІІ. The Domestic gas market, 4 years after the law on the Gas Market

1. The energy trialogue between the participants of gas market – suppliers, traders, consumers, National Regulator and other state entities. what has changed over the previous year. 
2. Subsidies monetization:  Conclusions and proposals.
3. Labour remuneration.  How to estimate the efficiency of employees and top-management?  European experience. 
4. The efficiency of Ukrainian regulatory and legal framework. Implementation of EU energy legislation. Where Ukraine stands with respect to its commitments before the EU’s Energy Community
5. The competition and regulation. Monopoly and ways to overcome it. 
6. Daily balancing: achievement and failures.
7. Natural gas exchange trading. Which price indicators are necessary for Ukraine. EU experience. 
8. Gas consumption metering. Why it’s necessary to switch into the energy units while gas consumption metering.  European experience.
9. First attempts of gas export. Conclusions.
10. Biomethane. Methods of production and ways  to use.

IV. The upstream: Perspectives in gas production sector

1. National gas production roadmap and its fulfillment. 
2. Quality of gas. Does Ukrainian upstream sector ensure the requirements for gas quality  while its transmission to GTS.
3. Geological exploration. The role of state.
4. Dataroom.  Foreign experience.
5. The Problem of so called  «sleeping licenses» and ways to resolve it.
6. How to establish fruitful cooperation with  the territorial community.
7. Auctions and PSA. First results.

V. Investments and innovations

1.  Investors challenges in the upstream and how to overcome them 
2.  New equipment and facilities for gas industry.
3. Reliability of pipeline system. New technologies of reparation and modernization.


We are grateful for your interest and  we invite you to attend the Fifth Ukrainian Gas Forum!

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