The Program of the Forum will focus on discussions that will give the space for communication for the audience: questions, comments and suggestions. Therefore the quality of the conference also requires the informed and inquisitive participants.

Reference list of issues for consideration at the Forum

Project (the list of speakers is not final)

DAY 1 – 9 October 2019

І. Transit of Russian natural gas. In anticipation of 2020


Prospects for the conclusion of long-term agreements on the transit of Russian gas via Ukrainian GTS after 2019.

Position of representatives (experts):

  • European Parliament
  • European Commission
  • Secretariat of the Energy Community
  • Ukraine
  • Russia

What should Ukraine's strategy be in the transit negotiations.

Sergiy Korsunskiy (Diplomatic academy of Ukraine),                                                          Mikhail Krutikhin (RusEnergy)
3 Possibilities of supplying Ukraine with natural gas by reverse flows from Europe, in the case of a complete cessation of transit since 2020. Simon Schulte (EWI)
4 Satisfaction of its own needs in natural gas under the various scenarios of transit negotiations. Representatives of GTS Operator, GDS Operators, Ukravtonomgaz

ІІ. Gas production. Is it really possible to achieve independence? The practice of licensing rounds: PSA tenders and concession auctions

1 Oil and gas state policy. representatives of VRU, CMU
2 The new strategy of gas production at Naftogaz. Andriy Favorov (Naftogaz of Ukraine)
3 Transparency and incentives to revitalize investments in oil and gas projects. Online auctions and Product Sharing Agreements. First results and next steps. representative of State Geonadra
4 International practice of concessions in the field of subsoil use. Viktor Gladun (JV Poltava Petroleum Company)
5 Signing PSAs. Existing experience and possible failures. Armen Khachaturyan (Asters LF)
6 Tax regime in Ukraine in comparison with the others countries. Alastair McBain (Arawak Energy)
7 Win on PSA tenders and concessions auctions. What are the next steps? representatives of companies-winners
8 Cooperation with territorial communities. How to make it effective.
9 Problems of "dormant licenses" and ways to solve it. Yaroslav Petrov (Asters LF)
10 My experience in the interagency group on PSAs. Tips for the future. Natalia Katser-Buchkovska

ІІІ. Gas production. Investments and Innovations

1 Prospects for increasing gas production in Ukraine. Problems to solve. Roman Opimakh (Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine)
2 Technological progress in the field of production.
3 Requirements of the GTS Code to the quality of Ukrainian gas. Do gas producers in Ukraine meet these requirements? Representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, State Geonadra, gas producing companies
4 Compliance with the project conditions during gas production. Representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, State Geonadra
5 Production of shale gas. US Experience.
6 Ukrainian drilling companies. Is it possible to compete with foreign companies? Ihor Stephanyshyn (Ukrburservis)
7 Ukrainian gas production science. representative of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
8 Data-room. Foreign experience. Schlumberger representative

DAY 2 – 10 October 2019

IV. Domestic gas market, 4 years after the adoption of the Law on the natural gas market

1 The degree of gas market openness we have achieved, and the role of the Regulator. NEURC representative
2 EBRD's involvement in the reform and financing of the Ukrainian gas sector. Marina Petrov (EBRD)
3 Implementation of the European energy legislation. At what stage is Ukraine in the fulfillment of obligations to the Energy Community Secretariat? Energy Community Secretariat representative
4 Setting market prices for natural gas: how to calculate the correct indexes for Ukraine? Pavel Lont (EFET)
5 Natural gas exchange trade in Ukraine. Preliminary results and achievements. Oleksiy Dubovskiy (Ukrainian Energy Exchange)
6 Information platform of daily balancing: in theory and in practice. Andriy Myzovets (Association of gas traders of Ukraine), representative of DSO, UTG
7 Gas metering. Why it is necessary to switch to energy units when metering natural gas: the EU’s experience.
8 Monetization of social subsidies. Ministry of social policy representative
9 Wages. How to evaluate the effectiveness of employees and top management work: the European experience. Roman Bondar (Odgers Berndtson Ukraine)

V. EU – UA gas market integration

1 The EU gas market after 2019. The view from Germany.
2 Cooperation of the European Operators of natural gas market. Perspectives in partnership in the management of the Ukrainian GTS. Why it’s necessary.
3 The winter outlook for the European gas market. Aura Sabadus (ICIS)

VI. 2020 - A year of dizzying changes for  the Ukrainian GTS

1 Tariffs: expected evolutions for TSO and DSO users. NEURC representative
2 Main gas pipelines of Ukraine: state of readiness for assets transfer and related operations. Walter Boltz (MGU)
3 GTS and UGS. Current state and outlook for GTS and UGS use under a possible interruption of Russian gas transit.
4 Gas distribution networks. State and prospects.
5 Preparation of Ukrainian GTS for functioning under the different scenatios of Russian gas transit. M-A. Eyl-Mazzega (IFRI), Simon Pirani (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies)
6 GTS of Ukraine – not only natural gas transportation, but other possibilities of using it.
7 Panel discussion: transit, legal uncertainties around the TSO unbundling, tripartite talks, NS2. Future of the Ukrainian GTS. Ariel Cohen (Atlantic Council)