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In the year that saw a major black swan event affecting not only Ukraine but the whole world, and not just the natural gas sector but the whole economy, our Forum had to be rethought to reflect the new realities in which the world now lives. With energy demand collapsing and prices reaching unprecedented volatility, the holders of long-term take-or-pay and ship-or-pay contracts are in an enviable position. In retrospect, Ukraine’s guaranteed 60 bcm/yr of ship-or-pay in 2020 now looks enviable, but with the connection of Turkstream to Bulgaria and other new interconnectors, it also means that gas will flow along new patterns. From being a simple transit country, Ukraine is now becoming a physical part of Europe’s gas markets. In this respect, some successes and achievements should be noted for 2019 and 2020 :

  • the launching of online daily balancing platform,
  • the GTS Operator’s unbundling,
  • the licensing rounds and production sharing agreements,
  • the signing of gas transit agreement with PJSC Gazprom,
  • the increased use of the Ukrainian UGS by foreign companies for storage and further gas trading,
  • the imposition of penalties on the holders of dormant oil and gas field development licenses,
  • the gas supply through virtual reverse procedure with neighboring countries.

Still, the advances listed above are in many ways just work-in-progress, and many structural problems persist.

We would like to express our gratitude for the continued interest in the gas market of Ukraine and beyond that, of Eastern Europe. It is thanks to your continued interest that we will hold the Ukrainian Gas Forum for the sixth time this year. Realizing that Ukraine’s gas market is increasingly connected with its East European peers, we decided this year to expand the geographical of our forum and give equal representation to countries and markets that are under-represented on the natural gas conference scene. Therefore, in 2020 we have decided to hold a combined event: the Ukrainian Gas Forum and the East European Gas Сongress. The Forum is in its 6th year and is known and appreciated by many. The Congress is a new concept dedicated to markets that have been under-served and under-represented at natural gas events: Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria,Turkey and Greece. The Visegrád countries are also welcome to participate and present, as they have done at our Forum in the past.

As always, there are many problems and questions that will need answers and solutions for which we will seek to attract leading industry experts. We therefore sincerely invite our regular participants and new partners to Kyiv from 27 to 28 October 2020.

We are aware that like the energy market, our event needs to hear your expectations, and that’s why we are already working on a new format of the Forum, and we will be glad to receive your suggestions and feedback.
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